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Tatty Catty

A ragamuffin cat sails the sea

Tatty Catty - cover.jpg

With her crooked tail and tatty fur, Tatty Catty has a dream. She longs to explore the wide blue sea. The sailors tell her she's too small, but Tatty has a surprise in store. She might just be a pirate cat!


With exquisite, bright illustrations, Tatty Catty is a rhyming read-aloud treasure to enjoy.


Age: 3-6 years

Price: 25

ISBN: 9780473534905

Published in: 2020

Published by: Marigold Books 

Format: Paperback

Author: Susannah Lyon-Whaley

Illustrator: Hayley Elliott-Kernot

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Book - Tatty Catty (final) 11th July_Page_25.jpg
Book - Tatty Catty (final) 11th July_Page_11.jpg
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