The Endless Cycle


The Endless Cycle

This series illustrates the cycles found within society and human nature which allow inequality, environmental destruction, racism and poverty to continue. Patterns of personal gain, generational wealth, class segregation and oppression have consistently shaped history. My work links a contemporary world with the historic, questioning, how far have we truly come?

Contemporary society appears vastly different, however, are not the elite still most often selected by breeding? Is not this world still tangled within the very same corruptions that shaped the historic? Today we live in a world of interconnectedness, where ignorance cannot be used as an excuse. Power is no longer considered (generally) as a divine right, in a multicultural society we can see that there is no culture that is more or less intelligent, climate change is generally accepted as occurring, and we can, clicking a button, see proof that that extreme poverty exists. Yet these problems continue despite there being enough resources and wealth to make significant and lasting change worldwide. Humans have never been good at choosing the welfare of all over personal gain, we see its effects in the environment, in poverty, in inequality.

These works illustrate the cycle of destructive instincts that hold us back as a race. Society changes in appearance but the root of human nature does not. If we cannot adapt to make significant changes in areas such as environmental sustainability, then this may be our eventual destruction. 

A Focus on Gold - greed


A Focus on Gold

- oil (2021)


Beautiful, fleeting things - vanity (still in progress)

Beautiful, fleeting things - Vanity.jpg

A necessary evil - ambition (still in progress)

A Necessary Evil - Ambition.jpg